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Mental health

A young woman's back is facing the camera as she faces a grey wall indoors. Over her head is a white cloud to signify a need for support for her mental health.

Good health goes beyond the body.

Mental health — including emotional, social and psychological well-being — is an important part of the equation and can play a key role in our overall health. It can affect our thoughts and feelings, impact how we act or make choices and how we relate to others.

So, maintaining good mental health, and getting help when needed, is an essential part of healthy living.

Whether it’s a case of a specific stressor you need to talk through or ongoing issues of anxiety or depression, we have programs and health professionals who can help.

How we can help

Working collaboratively with your family doctor, members of our Health Team can help you improve your emotional, social and mental well-being.

One-Step-at-a-Time Counselling — this free, one-session-at-a-time counselling service is for adults, couples and families who are going through a challenge in life and need to talk.

Behavioural Health Consultant — working with individuals, couples and families, our behavioural health consultants offer short-term assistance to help with emotional and mental wellbeing, stress or lifestyle changes and transitions.

Health Management Nurse — provides supports for improving your emotional and mental well-being, alongside your physical health concerns.

Social Workers — along with mental health support, our social workers can help with access to benefits and financial resources, match patients with services and provide advocacy, as needed.

If you are having a mental health emergency, the Calgary Distress Centre’s 24-hour crisis line is 403-266-4357 for text or phone. The national suicide crisis help line is 988 by text or phone.

Related workshops

One of our free workshops may be able to support your mental health.

  • Anxiety 101 teaches the basics of anxiety and what tools can you help you manage it in a two hour session.
  • Anxiety to Calm empowers those dealing with anxiety by offering new strategies and evidence-based skills for managing it over four consecutive weeks.
  • Happiness Basics offers strategies to cope with mild to moderate depression or just to find more joy in your life.