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Healthy eating

Senior woman enjoys a healthy breakfast at home, having cereal and a glass of water.

Food and nutrition are an important part of maintaining our overall health. Making the right food choices for your body can change the way you feel every day.

Eating in a healthy way can be one step to better managing a health concern, preventing others or helping you achieve your health goals. If you are looking to understand how to eat differently — like finding ways to balance your meals, eating regularly or adjusting your overall nutrition — we can help.

How we can help

Working collaboratively with your family doctor, members of our Health Team can support you to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Health Management Nurse – offer strategies for healthier lifestyle habits and can help you set achievable health goals, including healthy eating, the right amount of physical activity for you and managing your stress or sleep.

Registered Dietitian — through group workshops and one-on-one appointments, our registered dietitians offer nutrition advice and information based on your individual health concerns and can help you set personal nutrition goals.

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Try one of our free workshops to support healthy eating.

  • Ask a Dietitian covers the basics of cholesterol, diabetes and achieving your best weight through healthy behaviours.
  • Craving Change helps you discover the situations, thoughts and emotions that affect your food choices and cravings.