Anxiety 101

A man stands lean on the window in his apartment looking very serious

“I think I might have anxiety.”

Ever experience a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms or a sense of doom? Do you have difficulty concentrating or sleeping? Have you found there are times when you avoid the important things in your life?

These are all symptoms of anxiety, a feeling that is normal to experience on occasion, but can be stressful and consuming if you experience these things frequently and in combination.

Anxiety can feel isolating, but you’re not alone. Our free, two-hour, single session Anxiety 101 workshop is a great way to learn about the basics of anxiety from a mental health professional and what tools can help you manage it.

Best suited if you are closer to the start of your journey to learn more about anxiety, this workshop is open to anyone aged 18 or older.

If you are in the midst of a crisis, struggling with severe anxiety or depression or having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER. The Calgary Distress Centre’s 24-hour crisis line is 403-266-4357 for text or phone. The national suicide crisis help line is 988 by text or phone.  

What you’ll learn

During the session, our mental health professional will help you understand your experience of anxiety and teach you some basic skills to help manage it. Along with information about the fundamentals of anxiety and where to get help, the workshop covers:

  • how to recognize the signs of anxiety, especially in the ways unique to you
  • what is happening in your brain and body with anxiety
  • what increases anxiety and how it impacts people’s lives
  • what can help and how to access supports

View an example of a skill you can learn in the video below.