Coordinated Attachment

A doctor is on the left and a man is to his right with his arms around his shoulders. The man on the right is smiling and giving a thumbs up sign.

Short-term care for patients without a family doctor.

We support patients with complex medical needs who require ongoing care but do not have a family doctor.

Designed for patients with multiple chronic diseases — such as diabetes or hypertension — who are often recently discharged from the hospital, our Coordinated Attachment Program prevents people from falling through gaps by creating a link between them and a team of health care professionals.

At the same time, we work to connect the patient to a family doctor for the long-term.

Most referrals for Coordinated Attachment come from area hospitals or our other programs and services.

If you are looking for a family doctor and have not been referred to this service, the Alberta Find a Doctor website lists physicians taking new patients based on location.