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Social and economic well-being

A young mom holding her school-aged daughter's arms as the daughter stands behind and hugs her.

Finding the right resources and supports — and then getting connected to them — as you deal with health issues, in the aftermath of losing a job or when dealing with economic issues can be confusing.

Whether you’re trying to access financial resources or benefits, need help advocating for yourself or a loved one or aren’t sure what supports are even available to you, we can help.

How we can help

Working collaboratively with your family doctor, members of our Health Team can help you help with a variety of supports and access to resources.

Social Worker — our social workers can help with financial, community resource and other needs, including matching patients with services and providing advocacy, as well as mental health support, as needed.

Case Collaboratives — this service brings health and community professionals together to discuss patients with physical, mental health and social needs. By having a variety of social service and care team agencies at the table, patients and their families don’t have to coordinate these services on their own.