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A little time invested in your mental health goes a long way

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As we ring in the new year with colder days and post-holiday bills piling up, we may begin to feel anxiety and depression. If you’re feeling this way, you are not alone.

Making mental health a new year’s priority can help to improve your overall well-being. Luckily, seeking help doesn’t need to be a burden on your pocketbook or time. From one-on-one counselling to mental health focused workshops, Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network offers a variety of free mental health programs to help you get through difficult times.

One counselling session can have a big impact

Did you know that studies show a single counselling session can be just as effective as long-term counselling?

“A common misconception about accessing mental health services is the heavy time commitment required by the patient. Our data shows that many patients find value in just one session,” says Daniel Liddle, Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network mental health professional.


The One-Step-at-a-Time counselling service is for adults, couples and families who are going through a challenging time. This program provides a one-hour counselling session — in-person or online — for patients 12 years and older, however minors must have a parent present.

Book an appointment by calling 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726) or 587-774-9736.

Health team support

Our health team works with your family doctor to offer a range of services to support your health. The multidisciplinary support team includes:

Appointments can be booked online or by calling our program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726) or 587-774-9736.


Boost your mental health with free workshops available in person and online:

  • Anxiety 101: Understand what anxiety is and learn useful tools to manage it in this two-hour workshop.
  • Anxiety to Calm: Alberta Anxiety to Calm is a four-week course that will teach you skills to manage anxiety and improve your lifestyle.
  • Happiness Basics: Learn skills to boost your overall happiness in this four-week course that can help improve mood, mental and physical health and reduce pain.

If you are in a crisis, struggling with severe depression or anxiety or having suicidal thoughts, please call the Distress Centre’s 24-hour helpline at 403-266-4357 or call 211.