Registered Dietitian

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Get nutrition support from a trusted expert.

Whether you’re dealing with a medical condition or looking at improving your relationship with food, we are here to help.

Through group workshops and one-on-one appointments, our registered dietitians offer nutrition advice and can help you set personal goals for healthy eating.

Ask a Dietitian group workshops

Our three group workshops include:

  • Best Weight: for patients interested in learning about nutrition for health and exploring their best weight
  • Cholesterol basics: for those looking to learn the role of nutrition in managing cholesterol
  • Diabetes or pre-diabetes: to help patients learn how food can support managing their blood sugar 
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Best Weight: Prioritizing health over weight loss

Ask a Dietitian: Best Weight uses a patient-centered Best Weight approach to obesity management.

“Rather than focusing on weight outcomes, we suggest encouraging patients to focus on improving overall well-being: both psychological and physical,” says Mikaela Jahrig, a PCN registered dietitian.

How we help

Our registered dietitians also offer individual appointments to provide information or guidance. They can help you:

  • learn about healthy eating and nutrition
  • set personal nutrition goals
  • improve your relationship with food
  • translate the science of nutrition into terms you can understand
  • manage digestive issues, food allergies
  • access practical nutrition support related to specific health conditions

Those looking for support for weight, diabetes or cholesterol can connect with a health management nurse or attend a group workshop first, before booking an appointment with a dietitian. A health management nurse provides excellent information to help you learn how food and lifestyle affect your health.

PCN registered dietitians do not see patients under 17. If you need nutrition-related support for a minor in your family or you are under 17 yourself, ask your doctor about a referral to Alberta Health Services’ Nutrition Services.