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Registered Dietitian

Registered dietitian Kirbie Lewis, left, with patient

Our health team includes a registered dietitian, who works with your family doctor to help you set personal goals for healthy eating. Group workshops and one-on-one appointments can help you:

  • Set personal goals for dietary changes
  • Access practical nutrition advice related to diabetes, liver, heart or kidney conditions.
  • Manage digestive issues, celiac disease and food allergies.
  • Receive support during and after pregnancy.
  • Learn about healthy eating and nutrition for all ages.

Ask a Dietitian group workshops

Led by our team of registered dietitians, free Ask a Dietitian group appointments give you healthy eating tips in a group setting.

Three types of workshops help patients with different needs:

  • Diabetes or pre-diabetes: for patients with impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, Type 2 diabetes, diabetes, high blood sugars or borderline diabetes.
  • Weight management: for patients who are overweight or looking to lose weight.
  • High blood pressure or cholesterol: for patients with high blood pressure or cholesterol, dyslipidemia, hypertension, high triglycerides, a history of heart attack/stroke/myocardial infarction (MI) or hyperlipidemia.

Find out more about Ask a Dietitian.

One-on-one appointments

Patients can also request one-on-one appointments with a dietitian to discuss their health concerns. Ask your doctor if a referral to a dietitian is right for you, or book a one-on-one appointment through our program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726).


Appointments with registered dietitians are available at:

  • Bowness Community Association: 7904 43 Avenue NW
  • Vivo for Healthier Generations: 11950 Country Village Link NE
  • Wild Rose United Church: 1317 1 Street NW
  • Foothills Primary Care Centre: Suite 310, 1620 29 Street NW
  • Crowfoot Primary Care Centre: Suite 201, 60 Crowfoot Crescent NW
  • Riley Park Primary Care Centre: Suite 171, 1402 8 Avenue NW

Note: These locations are subject to change. Call the program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN for the latest information

More information

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