Riley Park Maternity Clinic

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Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network has announced the transition of management of low-risk maternity care to the Riley Park Maternity Clinic’s physicians.

That means the doctors are going to run and oversee the clinic’s daily operations, like many family doctor practices around Alberta.

Patient care will not be affected. Much of the change will be behind the scenes and patients can continue to see the doctors and nurses at the Riley Park Maternity Clinic and deliver at the Foothills Medical Centre. 

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Supporting your journey to becoming a parent.

Trying to find the right place to guide you through pregnancy? Wanting to make sure you have support for all the steps along the way, from early pregnancy to labour and delivery right through to post-partum care, breastfeeding and parenting?

Riley Park Maternity Clinic provides care for eight months of pregnancy and beyond, all in one place — and all for free.

Led by family doctors with expertise in low-risk obstetrics, our team-based care also includes registered nurses, a mental health specialist and social worker — all skilled in supporting parents-to-be.

And once you’ve welcomed your baby, we can also help with breastfeeding, circumcision and other needs of new families.

Become a patient

Talk to your family doctor about a referral — or you can contact us directly at (403) 284-3711, extension 1 to leave a message for our referral coordinator.

Learn more about our clinic

We care for you at the clinic, located in the northwest Calgary community of Hillhurst and you deliver your baby at Foothills Medical Centre. Find out more in the video below.

Timeline of care

Below is the typical pregnancy journey, illustrated week-by-week, at our clinic.

A graphic of the journey of care expecting parents can anticipate at the maternity clinic, broken down into weeks.

Your first appointment

During your first visit, we will take a full medical history, review any tests you’ve had done and arrange further tests as required. We will do a physical examination appropriate to your history and stage of pregnancy. Our staff will provide an orientation to our clinic and explain how our call group works. This appointment usually runs 1-1.5 hours in length.

Monthly virtual breastfeeding classes

Offered the last Monday of each month from 6 – 7:30 p.m., our classes give answers to questions such as:

  • What is a correct latch and how should my baby be positioned when breastfeeding?
  • Do I have enough milk supply?
  • What are the signs of an effective feed?
  • How do I manage difficulties with breastfeeding?
  • When should I ask for help?
  • And more

These free virtual classes can support parents-to-be and parents from 24 to 38 weeks of pregnancy/post-partum. Partners or support persons are welcome to attend.

Register by booking at your next appointment or contacting your clinic at 403-284-3711:

  • extension 4 for Low-Risk Maternity Clinic
  • extension 2 for Northwest Maternity Clinic
  • extension 5 for Sunnyside Maternity Clinic

Other prenatal education

We are no longer accepting new registrations for other group prenatal education.

Pregnancy and parenting resources

Find out more about the journey to becoming a parent through information and resources in pregnancy and new parenting.