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Moving forward together: A new space for primary care

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Accessing primary health care support is about to get easier.

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network (PCN) — which offers a variety of free health care services ranging from mental health counselling to advice from a dietitian to nurses who can help answer your health questions — will be consolidating all its services under one roof later this year.

The new location in the UXBorough building, located adjacent to the Calgary Cancer Centre and Foothills Medical Centre, offers a patient-first clinic design with better accessibility, ample parking, easy transit access and greater flexibility to support future needs of the community.

“Our goal is to ensure people can access the primary health care they need, so I’m excited people will be able to come to one location and see the health professional that can best support them,” says Jake Jennings, Executive Director for Calgary Foothills PCN.

Google map image showing the location of the UXBorough building, adjacent to the Calgary Cancer Centre and Foothills Medical Centre
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“We’ve been working closely with our health providers and patients on the design of the new space so we can make our space welcoming and more functional for everyone. We want our patients to feel comfortable accessing the care they need,” says Jennings.

The consolidated location will feature consultation and exam rooms designed for comfort and safety, multifunctional spaces that can accommodate families and strollers and accessibility for people with mobility challenges.

Collaboration in care

PCNs follow a team-based health care model, where health professionals – like nurses, pharmacists and dietitians – work collaboratively with family doctors to provide health care support through a variety of programs and services.

As part of the public health care system the PCN’s programs and services are free. People can register for in-person or virtual workshops and appointments with most of the health team via cfpcn.ca. Your family physician is also able to refer into all the PCN programs.

Rendering of the UXBorough building located adjacent to the Calgary Cancer Centre and Foothills Medical Centre,

Investing in the future

Health care is experiencing a period of change in Alberta and this new location presents an opportunity for the PCN to invest in a purpose-built space that can evolve with future needs. Offering flexibility, the new shared space will also improve efficiency and the ability for PCN teams to increase collaboration, which will spark more innovation and support a culture of continuous improvement.

“There were several factors involved in our decision to consolidate spaces, such being unable to extend some of our current leases, but our foundational goal is to improve primary care,” says Jennings.

Accessing support

Calgary Foothills PCN programs and services will be operating in their current locations until the move at the end of 2024 and expect minimal disruption to services.

The PCN is committed to supporting patients during this transition. Stay up to date on PCN news by following our social media accounts or visiting our website cfpcn.ca for news and updates.