Case Collaboratives

A family poses with a dad in front, young daughter on his back with arms around his shoulders and mom hugging at the side.

Supporting patients through coordinated services.

If you or someone you love needs care from multiple health or community teams, a Case Collaborative might be the right support. The service offers one care plan from many experts working as a team.

Health and community professionals come together to discuss complex cases with the goal of supporting patients — and their families dealing with physical, mental health and social needs through sharing knowledge and resources and coordinating care.

By having a variety of social service and care team agencies at the table, patients and their families don’t have to coordinate these services on their own.

How Collaboratives can help

Case Collaboratives can bring together the team supporting older adults with challenges like forgetting to take medications, keeping on top of small chores or overall mental health. They can also coordinate a plan for the family of a child who is struggling with schoolwork, peer issues, substance abuse or emotional concerns.

There are collaboratives in both northwest Calgary and Cochrane for older adults, children and youth. 

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Connect with the Case Collaborative team

Are you a community partner or a family that would like to participate in a Case Collaborative? You can connect with us by talking to your family doctor, or by contacting the Case Collaborative team at 403-930-9955 or through the form below.

Case Collaboratives

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