Extended Health Team

Team care for long-term health concerns.

Anyone managing chronic and long-term health concerns may benefit from a team approach. Our Extended Health Team brings together a range of health professionals to help patients learn how to better manage their multiple, complex and chronic health needs.

Working out of our Crowfoot Primary Care Centre, our team of health professionals — who you can access through a referral from your family doctor — includes:

  • social workers
  • occupational therapists
  • mental health consultants
  • dietitians
  • physical therapists
  • kinesiologists
  • clinical pharmacists
  • health management nurses
  • family doctors and other medical specialists who consult to our team

When required, we partner with Alberta Health Services specialist services in mental health, psychiatry, chronic pain, geriatric care and rheumatology.

How we help

Working with their family doctor and other health care services, the team aims to help you better understand and manage your conditions through education, group sessions, one-to-one treatment and, occasionally, home visits tailored to patient needs.

Our support covers those that need help managing their conditions — often including chronic pain — on their own. The team also conducts comprehensive home visits for seniors, to assess function, safety and memory as well as connections to community resources.

Our group appointments cover such topics as:

  • understanding specific conditions, such as chronic pain
  • learning how to exercise and participate in physical activity with a chronic condition
  • discovering nutrition’s relationship to pain
  • building skills to improve mental health

Ask your doctor if a referral to the Extended Health Team is right for you.

Are you a patient with Extended Health Team?

For most chronic conditions, learning how to self-manage your condition can be highly effective in improving your quality of life. Our classes teach patients how to manage their conditions.

This class teaches more about managing Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. 

This class supports patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 

This class teaches personal self-management skills.

This group teaches skills on obtaining objectives, while maintaining relationships and self-respect.