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Workshops + Activities

Elaine Lewis says the Happiness Basics workshop gave her new perspective

Elaine Lewis says the Happiness Basics workshop gave her new perspective

The Calgary Foothills PCN offers health workshops and activities to help you better manage your physical and mental health. Ask a dietitian about food labels, learn skills that make you feel happier or learn how to develop strategies to control your food cravings.

Our health workshops offer tips for dealing with common health issues, such as overcoming emotional eating and quitting smoking – health priorities identified by Calgary family doctors. Most workshops are free.

You can register online for three workshops/sessions – Happiness Basics, Ask a Dietitian and Craving Change™. Please find the workshop or course you would like to register for in the menu on the left.

Happiness Basics is open to adults. Tobacco Cessation requires a referral from a physician. Want to find a family doctor?

Patients can access other workshops through Alberta Health Services’ Alberta Healthy Living Program.

For more information, please contact our program coordinator on 587-774-9736 or register online.

COMPASS for the Caregiver

  COMPASS for the Caregiver is a free, weekly workshop (8 weeks' duration) that teaches caregivers to care for themselves. Who it's for Do you assist a family member or friend living with challenges resulting from disability, illness or aging? If you said yes, you are a care…

Alberta Healthy Living Program

  The Alberta Healthy Living Program offers: free health workshops exercise classes, and education classes Run by Alberta Health Services, it is open to patients living with chronic condition. Calgary Foothills PCN partners with the Alberta Healthy Living Prog…

Prescription to Get Active

  Prescription to Get Active is an actual prescription a family doctor can give patients to help them increase their physical activity levels and improve overall health. Ask your family doctor if this program is right for you! The prescription can be redeemed at partner recr…

Happiness Basics: Learn to be Happy

  Happiness Basics is a free workshop that teaches you skills to boost your overall happiness. It is a four-week course and weekly classes run for two hours. Benefits of doing a workshop to get happy: Joining a Happiness Basics workshop has been shown to: Improve mood, v…

Craving Change

Emotional Eating: Learn How to Change Take our Craving Change™ workshop and change your thinking habits to change your eating habits—and enjoy lifelong benefits. Craving Change™ is a four-week workshop for adults who struggle with problematic eating, including eating for comfor…

Ask a Dietitian: Group Nutrition Appointment

Do you have a nutrition question? Want to discuss it with an expert? Our free Ask a Dietitian group appointments are led by a registered dietitian who can give you healthy eating tips. Get professional advice from a qualified expert while learning from others who have similar …

Quit Smoking

If you want to quit smoking, help is here Tobacco Cessation is a free group workshop. It has helped many patients quit smoking since it was launched in 2008. Peer support through group sessions—a key component of this workshop—has been shown to significantly increase quit rates. …