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Chronic pain

Mature grey-haired man wearing white pajamas sitting on bed at home in the morning, touching lower back and neck, suffering from pain after waking up.

When pain is persistent and long-standing, it is considered chronic. Whether it comes and goes or is continuous, those dealing with chronic pain often face challenges — not just physical, but emotional and social as well.

Affecting one in five Canadians, chronic pain is a disease — one that can require lifelong management — rather than a specific repairable problem or the symptom of another issue. While there is no simple solution that can fix it, there are ways you can better manage it.

How we can help

Working collaboratively with your family doctor, our programs and services can help you manage your chronic pain, along with some of the challenges that come with it.

Extended Health Team — a team of a range health professionals, the Extended Health Team provides expert care for patients with complex health needs to better manage chronic health concerns, including pain, through education, group sessions, one-to-one treatment and mental health and social supports.

Clinical Pharmacist — along with helping you understand your prescriptions, our clinical pharmacists can manage medications for chronic pain and offer information and education about natural medicines and supplements.

Mental Health Support — as chronic pain can cause emotional challenges, you may want to check out our options for mental health support, including counselling services and group workshops. Our health management nurses and social workers can also provide support for improving your emotional and mental well-being.

Social Workers — aside from mental health support, our social workers can help with financial, community resource and other needs, including matching patients with services and providing advocacy, as needed.