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Best weight: Prioritizing health over weight loss

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“It is important to us that we offer weight inclusive care and empower patients.”

Mikaela Jahrig, PCN registered dietitian

Health care is for everybody of every size. Our PCN health professionals are embracing a patient-centred Best Weight approach to obesity management thanks to research and education.

Out is the fixation on the weigh scale which can lead to weight bias which can result in weight stigma and discrimination. The Best Weight approach focuses on healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes.

“Rather than focusing on weight outcomes, we suggest encouraging patients to focus on improving overall well-being: both psychological and physical,” says Mikaela Jahrig, a PCN registered dietitian.

Health professionals using this updated best practice can better serve patients by highlighting that regardless of weight, improving overall well-being is the main goal.

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Avoiding the dangers of weight bias

“It is important to us that we offer weight inclusive care and empower patients,” adds Jahrig.

The shift is important because weight bias can lead to pursuing weight loss through unsustainable approaches. This often leads to weight cycling which has a wide range of health risks such as:

  • higher mortality
  • higher risk of osteoporotic fractures and gallstone attacks
  • loss of muscle tissue
  • chronic inflammation
  • hypertension
  • heart disease risk
  • suppressed metabolism
  • mental health concerns

“We support patients on their health journey with tools such as Intuitive Eating and promoting healthy behaviours at every size.”

PCN workshops can help

We offer an Ask a Dietitian workshop focused on best weight to help you learn about healthy eating. The workshop is led by registered dietitians and are offered for free both in-person or online.

We offer a variety of other workshops, programs and services to further support healthy eating. Learn more.

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