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Diabetes awareness month

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If you’re one of the 5.7 million Canadians living with diabetes, you understand the daily challenges of managing it. November is Diabetes Awareness Month in Canada and we are putting a spotlight on the FREE resources available through Calgary Foothills PCN to support people with diabetes.

Our team is here to help

The PCN’s health team members work collaboratively with each other and your family doctor. Our health team support those with diabetes or pre-diabetes and includes:

  • Clinical pharmacists can assist with diabetes medications, routine lab testing, foot exams, annual vaccines, ongoing surveillance and helping to create a follow-up plan.
  • Health management nurses support lifestyle, wellness management, sharing diabetes education and monitoring for complications.
  • Registered dietitians provide counselling for nutrition management to help give a better understanding of how different foods affect blood sugar levels.
  • Social workers can offer support with health benefit information for prescription coverage and in creating a plan to help improve lifestyle.
  • Workshops are available both online and in-person to support diabetes education. There are several Ask a Dietitian workshops, including one that focuses on diabetes or pre-diabetes.
  • Mental health support is available both online and in-person. Access one-on-one counselling through the One-Step-at-a-Time program or sign-up for a variety of workshops, including Anxiety 101Anxiety to Calm and Happiness Basics.

Access support

Talk to you family doctor about the support available to you or explore more PCN programs and services that help manage diabetes and prediabetes.