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We’re a team dedicated to your health.

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network is a group of more than 500 family doctors who work with teams of other health professionals to offer patients the best in primary health care.
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One community for all your primary care needs.

A doctor today means a better tomorrow.

Having a consistent relationship with a family doctor and team can ensure you live healthier.

  • Live healthier

    Studies show that people who have a family doctor have a lower rate of health conditions and fewer hospital visits.

  • Live happier

    People who maintain a consistent relationship with their doctor report lower levels of stress and better mental health.

  • Live longer

    Those who have a long-term relationship with their doctor can experience an increase in life expectancy.

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    Show your cardiovascular system some love

    If you’re gifting flowers or chocolates to a loved one for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to practice self-love too. With February being Heart Month, there’s no better time to care for your cardiovascular system.…
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    The anti-diet: Weighing in on health and happiness

    In a world where fad diets and unrealistic beauty standards are constantly promoted, the anti-diet movement has gained momentum as a refreshing approach to health and wellness. Instead of promoting restrictive eating and weight-loss,…
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