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About Us

Patient Gillian Bottomley with Dr. Ted Jablonski and health team

Patient Gillian Bottomley with Dr. Ted Jablonski and her health team

The Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network is a group of more than 500 family doctors who work with teams of other health professionals to offer patients the best in primary health care. Our PCN serves more than 400,000 patients in north Calgary and Cochrane.

We work to achieve better health outcomes for our patients. We believe we can make a difference.

Family doctors and Primary Care Networks

Family doctors are uniquely trained to care for patients as a whole person. Unlike other physicians who specialize in treating a particular condition or part of the body, family doctors take care of their patients’ everyday health care needs, across the span of their lives.

Family doctors regularly:

  • Diagnose and treat acute and chronic (longer-term) illnesses
  • Offer health screenings and counselling on lifestyle changes to prevent illness
  • Refer patients to specialists for the treatment of particular health conditions. (Family doctors will guide the process and continue to coordinate all aspects of a patient’s care.)

Primary care is the first point of contact most people have with the health system. It can be provided by family physicians and other health professionals, including nurses, dietitians, mental health professionals, pharmacists and therapists.

Alberta Health Services also provides a range of primary care services. These include laboratory and x-ray services, home care and immunization programs.

My health home

A family doctor’s clinic is a patient’s Health Home. It connects patients to the care they need, when they need it.

Patients of Calgary Foothills PCN doctors have access to:

For more information, please ask your family doctor, read our overview, or view our video below.


Mission, Vision and Values


To provide innovative, integrated and comprehensive team-based physician-led care, in collaboration with the patient and the broader health care system. ​


Optimizing health and wellness through excellence in primary care.


ICARE: Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence
ICARE represents who we are, what we do and how we work. We strive to be innovative. We welcome collaboration. We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We value being respectful of others. We aspire to excellence. And we’re caring.