Patient Jen puts her best foot forward

Patient Jen puts her best foot forward

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network’s Chronic Pain Management Program provides specialized care to patients with neuro-musculoskeletal chronic pain.

The program helps patients increase their function and activity, decrease stress and learn self-management strategies to improve pain management.

A team of professionals helps patients learn to better manage their pain and activities on a daily basis. We focus on teaching self-management techniques.

What do patients do at the program?

Typically, our patients:

  • Participate in their treatment program, including individual and group appointments
  • Practice goal setting
  • Complete a pain diary
  • Do exercises as prescribed

The patient develops an individual pain management plan together with the team and family physician.

Member doctors can refer patients to the Chronic Pain Management Program. Patients will be invited to the Explain Pain group appointment, which introduces the program.

Other group and individual appointments are tailored to meet patients’ needs. Patients are also encouraged to attend group education sessions to learn skills to better manage their pain.

Group appointments include:

  • Introduction to the Chronic Pain Management Program, Explain Pain
  • Pacing group
  • Life Changes Group
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group

Read about our patient Jen’s experience with the program.

Our Health Professionals

Our team of health professionals includes:

  • Family physician with a special interest in chronic pain
  • Health management nurses
  • Community support worker
  • Kinesiologist
  • Registered dietitian
  • Physiotherapist
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Behavioural health consultant

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