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Family Doctors

Calgary Foothills PCN's Dr. Ramninder Dhillon

Calgary Foothills PCN’s Dr. Ramninder Dhillon

At Calgary Foothills PCN, more than 450 modern family doctors work with health professionals, including our own specialized health teams, to provide patients with the best primary care.

As a member of a PCN, family doctors can offer patients access to a range of services:

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Benefits of having a family doctor

Family doctors and their teams care for the everyday health needs of their patients.

Research shows people who have a family doctor and visit regularly, stay healthier as they age and live longer. Family doctors can help you prevent future illness and catch problems early before they get serious

Patients with chronic diseases receive more appropriate care, make fewer emergency department visits and are hospitalized less often.

Why? Because your family doctor:

  • looks at the big picture
  • knows your health history and
  • cares about you and your health

Search for your Family Doctor or Clinic 

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Your Health Home Network

Health Home

Each Calgary Foothills PCN member physician’s clinic is a Health Home. It is a place where your everyday health needs can be met and your doctor will connect you to the help you need, when you need it.

Health Home Community

Each Health Home is part of a Health Home Community. The Health Home Community ties your doctor’s clinic to health and social service programs available in the surrounding community. These services can include local health centres, physiotherapy clinics and pharmacies, to name a few. Health Home Community ensures better communication between a doctor’s clinic and surrounding service providers, to improve the care all patients receive. Health Home Community ensures relevant information flows back to your doctor so he or she can provide you with the best possible care.

Health Home Network

Each Health Home Community feeds into Calgary Foothill PCN’s wider Health Home Network, which covers north Calgary and Cochrane. All patients of Calgary Foothills member physicians have access to dedicated services and programs that we offer in this area. These services include afterhours care and workshops, among others. Ask your doctor if these services are right for you.