While mothers around the world celebrate World Breastfeeding Week (August 1-7) some mothers who want to breastfeed struggle.

There is help, including Calgary Foothills PCN’s Riley Park Maternity Clinic, which offers in-person advice as well as a virtual breastfeeding class. For those who can’t breastfeed milk banks provide an alternative option.

New mother Emily Cherubini — who went to Riley Park Maternity Clinic to have her blood screened so she can donate breastmilk to NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank — wants to help other new parents.

“I know how heartbreaking it can be not being able to breastfeed because I had quite an issue and was on the cusp of not being able to,” says Cherubini, the mother of seven-and-half-month-old daughter Maren.

“I wanted something good to come out of my struggle,” says Cherubini of her decision to donate breastmilk. “I over produce, so hopefully I can provide another mother with what we’ve been told is the best thing to give to your baby.”

If you’re having difficulty breastfeeding, see your doctor. You can also see a lactation specialist at Riley Park Maternity Clinic or attend the virtual breastfeeding class.