Happiness Basics participant Elaine Lewis

Patient Elaine Lewis recommends the Happiness Basics workshop


Happiness Basics is a free workshop that teaches you skills to boost your overall happiness. It is a four-week course and weekly classes run for two hours.

Benefits of doing a workshop to get happy:

Joining a Happiness Basics workshop has been shown to:

  • Improve mood, vitality and energy levels
  • Boost physical and mental health
  • Reduce pain

It is based on positive psychology, which aims to make normal life more fulfilling.


Happiness Basics is offered through Primary Care Networks across the province. Calgary Foothills PCN locations are listed below; go to albertafindadoctor.ca, click on Workshops & Programs and search on Happiness Basics for other locations in Calgary and Alberta.

What you learn:

Guided by trained health professionals, the workshop shows you how happy people think and offers 11 practical skills you can practise to create happiness daily. Skills include savouring the moment, mindfulness and volunteering. Become an everyday hero!
Happiness is a state of mind that you can choose and reinforce daily to:

  • Increase the number of positive experiences in your life
  • Be more engaged with friends and your community
  • Expand opportunities for achievement

“I learned so much, partly because this opportunity came at the best possible time: when I was feeling so sad. I learned it’s all up to me, this happiness thing. I can choose to feel how I want to feel.” ~ Participant, Elaine Lewis

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Program suitability

Happiness Basics is open to anyone aged 18 or older.

It is not suitable for people experiencing severe anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts.

If you are in the midst of a crisis, struggling with severe depression or anxiety or having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER.

Please call the Distress Centre’s 24-hour helpline at 403-266-4357 or 211.

Workshops are held at the following Calgary Foothills PCN locations:

  • Bowness Community Association, 7904 43 Avenue NW (map)
  • Cochrane Primary Care Centre, Suite 103, 100 Grande Blvd, Cochrane (map)
  • Crowfoot Primary Care Centre, 60 Crowfoot Crescent NW (map)
  • Riley Park Primary Care Centre, 1402 8 Avenue NW (map)
  • Vivo for Healthier Generations, 11950 Country Village Link NE (map)
  • Calgary Foothills PCN Main Office, 300, 1701 Centre Street N (map)
  • Crescent Heights, Wildrose United Church, 1317 1 St NW (map)


Happiness Basics represents “a paradigm shift in health care.”

~ Leader, Calgary Foothills PCN behavioural health consultant Brice

Please note: This workshop runs for four consecutive weeks on the same day of the week and time.