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Access 365 patient Michael Malone

Access 365 patient Michael Malone

Patients of Calgary Foothills PCN member doctors enjoy the comfort of having a family doctor and the health benefits that visiting a doctor regularly can bring.

Patients of our more than 400 physician members can also access a range of dedicated services that are available to patients across our network in north Calgary (west of Deerfoot Trail) and Cochrane.

These include:

Ask your family doctor if any of these network-wide services are right for you.   For more information, please see below:    

Riley Park Maternity Clinic

Riley Park Maternity Clinic offers care to low-risk patients during their pregnancy. All of our family doctors specialize in obstetrics and deliver at the Foothills Medical Centre (hospital). Talk to your family doctor about a referral or you can contact us directly at (403) 284-3711 to book an appointment. COVID-19 and pregnancy In mid-July, UofC Cumming School of Medicine reports showed ap…

Chronic Pain Management Program

Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network’s Chronic Pain Management Program provides specialized care to patients with neuro-musculoskeletal chronic pain. The program helps patients increase their function and activity, decrease stress and learn self-management strategies to improve pain management. A team of professionals helps patients lear…

Nurse Practitioners

Enhanced care Two Calgary Foothills PCN nurse practitioners work within Calgary and Cochrane, providing residents with improved access to primary health care. One works from Bethany Care Society, a centre for older adults and adults with disabilities, in Cochrane. The other splits her time between Calgary's Riley Park Primary Care Centre, the Access 365 Clinic, and the Family Health Clinic. …

Extended Health Team

The Extended Health Team provides care for patients with complex health needs. We take a team approach, using the skills of a range of health professionals to help patients learn to better manage long-term (chronic) health concerns. Read our patient's story. How We Help We aim to improve patients’ quality of life and function by helping them better understand their condition and lear…

After-Hours Clinic

After-hours care: when feeling better can’t wait Access 365 Clinic operates 7-days-a-week. It provides after-hours care and same-day appointments (if appropriate) for patients who need urgent help. Because the clinic sends a note to a patient's family doctor after each appointment, there is continuity of care when you need help the most. “I like it when we get an appointment. We’re …