Name: Bev Neuls, 78

Health condition: Poor circulation in legs, isolation, mild anxiety and depression.

Health goal: Less pain, more stamina, energy and socialization.

How I Feel Now: For the last three years, I’ve been walking twice a week with the South Calgary PCN walking group. Not only do I have more pep, but my legs feel less sore when I walk. Plus, I enjoy chatting and laughing with the walkers. I also feel better about myself — I am more confident. We can’t live life totally on our own. Sometimes we need a little help. This understanding has helped me make a big decision. After living alone since my husband died in 2000, I am moving into a local retirement community where there are so many activities to get involved with. Maybe I can even help someone else.

Walking Together: When Bev started with our group, she made connections instantly. My sense is she is social by nature, but had become a bit withdrawn. This is not uncommon as we age. The group provides a regular opportunity for Bev to be with others and acts as a sounding board for what’s going on in her life. Plus, upping her step count has helped ease her leg discomfort. I have seen a metamorphosis with Bev, emotionally and physically. Walking and talking has a positive ripple effect on all aspects of our lives.

— Katie Krenz, kinesiologist and community development lead, South Calgary PCN

Written by Colleen Biondi
Photographed by George Webber

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