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Pregnancy FAQs

So much changes each day during pregnancy. It seems a new question arises, as the last one is answered.

Although online resources can be helpful, it is important to consult information that is reliable and up-to-datePhysicians at our Riley Park Maternity Clinic have put together answers to some of the questions commonly asked by patients.


Nutrition questions:

Want to know whether it is safe to use sweetener or drink pop when you’re pregnant? Wondering about vitamin D, caffeine, eating fish? Fish oil supplements? Read on

Lifestyle questions:

Can I change cat litter, have a flu shot, use insect repellent, have an X-ray, go to a tanning salon, use a hot tub, dye my hair or paint the nursery?

What about sit-ups and heavy lifting? How do I avoid overdoing it when I’m exercising?

What’s the difference between maternity leave and medical leave? Read answers

Common physical concerns:

What are picket fence and round ligament pains?

My ankles are swollen. Is that OK? What can I do about my leg cramps?

Can a baby get hiccups? Read answers

Labour and delivery:

What can I expect in hospital? During delivery? How will my baby be monitored during labour?

What if I need a Caesarean or forceps delivery? Do I need a doula? What happens if I go past my due date? Read answers

Newborn care:

What can I expect after delivery? What is ‘demand feeding’? Read answers