Calgary-area PCNs offer a variety of resources for pain management. Many are free.

If you experience pain or would like information about accessing any of these resources, please talk to your doctor.

With the right tools, you have the power to get back in the driver’s seat and control your health

Calgary Foothills PCN

Extended Health Team

  • Provides care for patients with complex health needs, using a multidisciplinary approach to better manage chronic health concerns, including pain.
  • Aims to improve patients’ quality of life and function by helping them better understand their condition and learn skills to manage their health concerns.
  • Support is provided through education, group sessions, one-to- one treatment and occasional home visits.

Highland PCN

Chronic Pain Clinic

  • Helps patients improve function and activity, decrease stress and learn self-management strategies to improve pain management.
  • Helps patients develop individual pain-management plans with a team of health professionals.

Bow Valley PCN

Chronic Pain Program

  • For people who have been living with chronic pain for six months or more.
  • Helps patients learn how to manage pain and improve overall function, focusing on self-management through education and support from a health team.
  • A monthly support group is also available.

Calgary West PCN

  • Nurses specializing in pain management offer regular support and coping strategies to patients with chronic pain.

South Calgary PCN

Back 2 Health Program

  • Includes five classes to manage low back pain.
  • Participants develop new coping skills, learn what affects their pain and are provided tools for self-management.
  • Participants may follow up with the Back 2 Practice workshop to hone the skills they’ve learned.

Calgary Rural PCN

Better Choices, Better Health – Chronic Pain

  • A six-week workshop covering topics such as managing medications, pacing oneself, breathing techniques, managing sleep, treatment options, dealing with emotions, communicating with loved ones and healthcare providers, eating healthy and staying active.

Mosaic PCN

Pain Management Clinic

  • Helps patients manage chronic back pain through a team approach with physicians and health professionals.
  • In addition to one-to-one consultations, patients can attend classes and workshops on topics including healthy eating, better sleep and happiness.
  • Better Choices, Better Health – Chronic Pain workshop

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