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Our doctors

The following family doctors with a special interest in obstetrics work at Riley Park Maternity Clinic.

deanne-benning-rpmc-low-risk-maternity-clinic catherine-bereznicki-rpmc-locum-md dr-k-bertsch
Dr. Deanne Benning,
Low-Risk Maternity
Dr. Laura Bennion, Low-Risk Maternity
Dr. Catherine Bereznicki Dr. Kristine Bertsch, Northwest Maternity
dr-s-bhatla meagan-brown-rpmc-grace-maternal-child-clinic trevor-chan-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic
Dr. Sanjeev Bhatla, Northwest Maternity Dr. Meagan Brown, Grace Maternal Child Dr. Trevor Chan, Northwest Maternity
jodie-clark-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic dr-l-coffey christina-disipio-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic malgorzata-ejsmont
Dr. Jodie Clark, Northwest Maternity Dr. Lisa Coffey, Northwest Maternity Dr. Christina Disipio, Northwest Maternity Dr. Malgorzata Ejsmont, Northwest Maternity
carmen-fong-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic dr-r-hatcher kathleen-hicks-rpmc-locum-md
Dr. Carmen Fong, Northwest Maternity Dr. Diana Grainger, Northwest Maternity Dr. Ronagh Hatcher, Sunnyside Maternity Dr. Kathleen Hicks, Northwest Maternity
dr-l-hwang grant-kaiser-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic
Dr. Liana Hwang, Northwest Maternity Dr. Lindsay Jantzie, Northwest Maternity Dr. Cara Janzen, Low-Risk Maternity Dr. Grant Kaiser, Northwest Maternity
stephanie-kozma-rpmc-grace-maternal-child-clinic jemma-li-rpmc-sunnyside-maternity-clinic
Dr. Teresa Killam, Grace Maternal Dr. Susan Kingston, Grace Maternal Dr. Stephanie Kozma, Grace Maternal Dr. Jemma Li, Northwest Maternity
alix-lord-rpmc-sunnyside-maternity-clinic 2janet-northcott-rpmc-low-risk-maternity-clinic
Dr. Alix Lord, Sunnyside Maternity Dr. Janet Northcott, Low-Risk Maternity Dr. Maeve O’Beirne, Low-Risk Maternity Dr. Jan Ooi, Low-Risk Maternity
linda-slocombe_2015 norma-spence-rpmc-low-risk-maternity-clinic
Dr. Christine O’Reilly, Sunnyside Maternity Dr. Meha Patel, Northwest Maternity Dr. Linda Slocombe, Grace Maternal Dr. Norma Spence, Low-Risk Maternity
warren-stanich-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic yi-hui-sun-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic heather-taylor-rpmc-northwest-maternity-clinic kathy-truong-rpmc-locum-md
Dr. Warren Stanich, Northwest Maternity Dr. Yi-Hun Sun, Northwest Maternity Dr. Heather Taylor, Northwest Maternity Dr. Kathy Truong
nadia-vindevoghel-rpmc-sunnyside-maternity-clinic dr-h-vonengelbrechten selena-yee-rpmc-sunnyside-maternity-clinic
Dr. Nadia Vindevoghel, Grace Maternal Dr. Heidi von Engelbrechten, Low-Risk Maternity Dr. Heather Wrigley, Low-Risk Maternity Dr. Selena Yee, Sunnyside Maternity
Dr. Carolyn Yoo, Northwest Maternity Dr. Karen Zwiers, Sunnyside Maternity