April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month which recognizes the 13 – 20% of Canadians (approximately 5 – 7.5 million individuals) who are living with IBS. To meet a need identified within the PCN’s patient population, we have expanded the virtual workshops to now include a session focused on managing irritable bowel syndrome.

This free two-hour long session, which starts in May, will focus on:

  • Understanding personal and common triggers
  • The brain-gut connection
  • How IBS is diagnosed
  • The role of medication in managing IBS

All PCN virtual workshops give participants the opportunity to benefit from group learning and ask questions during the interactive sessions.

You can register for the virtual workshops online or by calling the program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726) or 587-774-9736.