Calgary Foothills Primary Care Network has given the Foothills Primary Care Centre — the PCN’s only family practice operation — notice that it will no longer manage the clinic as of March 31, 2023.

It is a difficult decision, but the PCN is focusing on its mission to provide team-based health care to patients. This change will ensure more patients can access team care such as PCN nurses, dietitians, social workers, mental health supports and various programs and workshops.

We are working with the Foothills Primary Care Centre, which is located across the street from Foothills Medical Centre, to make transition as smooth as possible for patients, physicians and staff.

We understand this potential change could be distressing and there are many questions that patients would like answered.


I am a patient at Foothills Primary Care Centre. What do I do?

The doctors in the clinic were informed of this change on Tuesday, June 28 and as independent practitioners, each doctor in the clinic will be making a decision about their practice going forward. Patients will hear from their doctor about next steps.

The PCN will also be providing updated information here as it becomes available.


What is going to happen with the clinic?

There are a variety of options the doctors are considering, such as:

  • managing their own clinic out of this space
  • opening in a new location
  • practicing in a new location/clinic

Patients will hear from their doctor about changes to where they are practicing or if their practice will remain at the current location.


Why are you announcing this change before patients hear from their doctor?

The PCN wanted to be transparent and give everyone, including staff and physicians, as much notice as possible.


Why are you doing this?

The PCN is focusing on its mission to provide team-based health care to patients and this decision will allow us to have more patients access services such as nurses, dietitians and various programs and workshops.


What if I want to look for a new doctor now?

If a patient has decided they would like to find a new family doctor, they can use the website to see which doctors are currently accepting patients.


What are the doctors in the clinic planning to do about their practice?

The family physicians are still in discussions about their plans. We will post updates as they become available.



Last updated: July 25, 2022