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COVID-19 resources

Up-to-date, fact-based information on the COVID-19 virus is available from

Calgary Foothills PCN has put together health resources to help support other aspects of your health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthy eating

Our registered dietitians have some tips to support healthy choices:

You can also book a free, one-on-one appointment with one of our registered dietitians for further support.

Mental health

Some people may find themselves needing new or more mental health supports. Our mental health team has put together resources for mental health support.

You can also book a free virtual appointment with our One-Step-at-a-Time counselling team at 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726) or 587-774-9736 or talk to your family doctor about a referral to one of our behavioural health consultants.

Chronic conditions

People with chronic conditions may be finding it difficult to stick to routines and activities. Our Extended Health Team have tips to help: