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Community Social Worker

Community social worker Amy Russell with patient

Your health team includes a community social worker who works alongside your family doctor. The community social worker can offer help with:

  • Access to benefits, financial resources
  • Disability support
  • Community resources and advocacy
  • Family support
  • Housing and transportation
  • Older adult and caregiver support
  • Mental health resources
  • Support for newcomers or immigrants

Request an appointment

There are two ways to request an appointment with a community social worker:

  • Ask your family doctor if a referral is right for you
  • Call the program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN (23726)


Appointments with community social workers are available at:

  • Bowness Community Association: 7904 43 Avenue NW
  • Vivo for Healthier Generations: 11950 Country Village Link NE
  • Wild Rose United Church: 1317 1 Street NW
  • Crowfoot Primary Care Centre: Suite 201, 60 Crowfoot Crescent NW
  • Riley Park Maternity Clinic: Suite 130, 1402 8 Avenue NW
  • Riley Park Primary Care Centre: Suite 171, 1402 8 Avenue NW

*Note: These locations are subject to change. Call the program coordinator at 1-855-79-CFPCN for the latest information