Ellen Bezaire with her children

Breastfeeding can be challenging, especially in the early days. But new and expecting moms aren’t alone — the Breastfeeding Clinic at Riley Park Maternity Clinic offers support to 700 patients a year.

“Our goal is to provide exceptional care for all types of breastfeeding and feeding issues,” says Dr. Janice Lui, a Riley Park Maternity Clinic lactation physician. “We are happy to see families for counselling and support prior to baby’s arrival as well.”

Ellen Bezaire experienced breastfeeding difficulties with her daughter and a few years later with her son.

“The Riley Park clinic was able to provide the support I needed to allow both of my children to thrive,” says Bezaire, about her children who had trouble latching and struggled to gain weight.

With both children, the Riley Park lactation physician worked with Bezaire to identify the children needed a quick and painless lingual frenectomy procedure that removes babies’ tongue and lip ties. After the procedure and some advice to increase milk supply, her children started to gain weight and breastfeeding became much easier.

The team of seven physician lactation consultants help new mothers with breastfeeding issues, including:

  • Consultations during pregnancy for those at risk of breastfeeding issues or those who would like to learn more about breastfeeding prior to delivery
  • Latching difficulties
  • Nipple pain and/or breast pain
  • Evaluation and treatment of tongue and lip ties
  • Concerns about milk supply
  • Concerns regarding infant growth
  • Nursing multiples
  • General post-partum support

Talk to your family doctor for a referral to the lactation clinic. To book an appointment at Riley Park Maternity Clinic call 403-284-3711. Learn more about the Riley Park Maternity Clinic, which offers care to low-risk patients during their pregnancy.